Artist work categories - Oil on canvas, Aquarelle, Ceramic Sculpture.

"Angels" 1998 Oil on canvas. 65x81 cm.





"Houses in Zichron" Aquarelle. 70x50 cm.






"Ester's Feast" 1963 Sculptural Ceramic Relief. 53x35 cm.






"King David " Oil on Canvas. 61x50 cm.



"Clowns" Sculptural Ceramic Relief. 50X80 cm.



"A couple on a horse" Clay, 30 cm. h.

Mrs. Berger was born in Charkov, RUSSIA.
Genia studied at the Royal Art Academy in Berlin from 1930 to 1933.
Later on, she continued her training in Paris.
The years in Paris broadened her horizons, enriched her and shaped the artist in
her. The artisan school provided the foundations of modem art, which Genia
was to embrace in her painting, drawing and work for the theater.
She liked to paint landscapes and portraits and indeed does very well in this
genre. The rich palette she acquired during the Paris years, 1934 - 1936, has
liberated her from the drabness of superficiality and a single dimension and has
endowed her brush with freedom and ease. This is particularly apparent in her
many water colors, which are lucid and radiant, imbued with freshness and
spontaneous joy.
Genia's ceramics have won her the reputation of a unique artist. In 1953, at the
invitation of Marcel Janco, she joined others to establish the artist's colony at
EIN-HOD. Genia Berger is an artist of renown. She has received prizes and
awards, has had many one- man shows both in Israel and abroad and in 1963
represented Israel at the Sao Paolo Biennale.
Her work deserves a long and wonderful life. It gives much pleasure to those
who look at it. Genia Berger deserves all the laurels she has received.

For more information, more art work or purchasing works by Genia Berger, please contact:

Mr. Ilan Bartel, Manager of estate.

Cell phone: 972-54-472959



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