All texts taken from Dorothy Robbins' book:
"Heartland Beating"


I want to connect some of my writings with
my sculptures during the years 1991-1997.
My struggle with progressive muscular dystrophy
became a life-death issue in my work.
It took the form, during these particular years,
of working through hours of self-forgetfulness
while sitting in my studio rocking chair.
The weakness of the physical body challenged
the motivating spirit as both often moved in opposite directions. Can the spirit defy the body and rise to greater heights as if it is immortal?

Working in wax is my old-age material.
Even the ancients of old applied it
for brilliant images in durable bronze.
It became my life-line.

"The Ladder" Bronze 1992, h. 46 cm.



"Tad and Son" 1995, terra-cotta, h. 41.5 cm.






Quiet, dear heart

sitting without pain.
The creation will come
like a breath of life.
The clay will help.

Feel the sound of sweet music
its resonating harmony
to soften the dissonance
so deeply within.
The clay will help.

"Echoes of the Past III" 1992-3, bronze, h. 97 cm.






Echoes of the Past

The silence becomes a piercing soundlessness,
yet in the stillness there is peace.
In the vast emptiness,
echoes of the past resound.

"Unicycle" 1975, Welded brass, bicycle parts. h. 185 cm. Coll. Dr. Marilyn Safir, Haifa.


The figure has for me endless expressive possibilities. Sometimes my concept of the figure is so vivid that it dictates clearly what l must do. At other times my image changes as working realities alter my vision. Then, acknowledging the unique vitality of the sculptural material itself, l move along in company with it to try to find a finality, a sculptured home for the feeling inherent in the concept.

In rendering my concept, I often rearrange my own physical positions so as to find the bodily counterpart of the emotion. I look for combinations from all the marvelous variations of movement and form relationships. Letting my body drop into a feeling of the moment, l explore my body arrangement – a hand touching, the fingers spreading, the head turning, the toes curling.

My sculptural concepts are spaded out from the inside of myself, and look for a translation of them. At times, my feelings are too complicated and it becomes necessary to simplify them and yet maintain their original force. The existence of the finished work embodies my final choices from the whole world at my disposal.

Creating sculpture is reaffirming life for me. This becomes a motivating drive sufficient for a lifetime.

Dorothy Robbins



"Night Runner" 1981. Welded copper, 167x180 cm.

"Balance Act" 1981. Welded copper, 196x95x58 cm.




"The Surreal Peace Chair" 15.7.1995. Bronze. h. 320 cm. Ein Hod Village Entrance.

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Born in Lakewood, Ohio. Youngest of three daughters, born to Ella and Benjamin Schochen who emigrated from Russia to Cleveland in 1905.

Studies at Ohio State University. B.S. degree with distinction

Marries psychologist Irving Robbins

Studies at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and Cincinnati Academy of Art

Teaches ceramic sculpture at Cincinnati Art Museum, Ohio

Purchase Award, Cincinnati Art Museum, Ohio

Moves to New York

Becomes member of Sculpture Center, New York Meets Jacques Lipchitz

1953, 1954
First Prizes, Long Island Artist’s League, New York

Daughter Dena born
First one-person exhibition, Sculpture Center, New York
Travels extensively through Europe. Meets sculptors
Henry Moore and Jacob Epstein.
Invited to be Moore’s assistant

Meets sculptors Alexander Archipenko and
Saul Baizerman

Audubon Artists Purchase Award, New York
Travels to Mexico and works in bronze
at San Miguel Allende

Invited sculptor, Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, New York

'Job" 1979. Album, 18 colored woodcuts with text (edition of 6) 36x27 cm. Collections: Kunsthalle Nuremberg; Graphik Kabinett, Staatliche Museen, Berlin; Fairmont Temple, Cleveland; the artist

Sculpture Award, Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts

Graduate studies at Hunter College, New York.
M.A. degree in Art

Polly Gillen Prize, National Association of Women Artists, New York

Assistant Professor of Sculpture at New York
University College, New Paltz, New York

Produces educational film: Bronze Welding in Art with Dorothy Robbins. Center for Instructional Resources, New York State University College, New Paltz.

1967, 1969
Awarded Grants, New York State University Research Foundation, New York

Visits Israel for the first time. Meets sculptor Itzhak Danzinger.
Produces educational film together with Susan Wisherd: Bronze Casting from Lost-Wax, Center for Instructional Resources, New York State University College, New Paltz

Immigrates to Israel and settles in Haifa

Senior Lecturer in Sculpture at the Art Department, University of Haifa

Chairman of the Art Department, University of Haifa

Plans and coordinates symposium on Surrealism,
Art Department, University of Haifa.
Travels to Italy and meets sculptor Giacomo Manzu

Awarded British Council Grant, London
Member of the Artists Village Ein Hod

Hermann Struck Prize, Haifa Municipality

Published book: "Heartland Beating Sculptures and Writings" 1991-1997

Book of Poetry: "Beats from Heartland"


12.12.1999 Died in Ein Hod.

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One-Person Exhibitions

Sculpture Center, New York.

Cober Gallery, New York

Waverly Gallery, New York
Gramercy Arts Theater, New York

Donnell Library, New York
Fisher Gallery, Washington, D.C.
Roko Gallery, New York

Sodom and Gomorrah, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, New York

Mari Galleries, Woodstock, New York
Albertus Magnus College, New Haven, Connecticut

Roko Gallery, New York
Garden Exhibition, Mari Galleries, Woodstock,
New York

Glass Gallery, New York

Old Jaffa Gallery, Jaffa

Job, woodcuts and wood carvings, Auditorium, Haifa

Circus Performers, Herzliya Museum
Circus Performers, Wilfrid Israel Museum,
Kibbuz Hazorea

A Post-Nuclear Landscape (installation),
Herzliya Museum

Covered Lives – A Still-life Series, Artists House,
Covered Lives – A Still-life Series,
Wilfrid Israel Museum, Kibbutz Hazorea

Past Places Revisited, Mishkan LeOmanut, Museum of Art, Kibbutz Ein Harod.


Public Collections

Cincinnati Art Museum, Ohio
Cincinnati YMCA, Ohio
Gramercy Arts Theater, New York
Lincoln Farm Camp, Roscoe, New York
Jewish Memorial Park, Livingston, New Jersey
Post-Graduate Center of Psychotherapy, New York
Apartment lobby, London Terrace, Chelsea, New York
Apartment lobby, Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York
Fairmont Temple, Cleveland, Ohio
“Savitri House”, Sri Aurobindo Learning Center, Baca,
Kunsthalle, Nuremberg
Graphik Kabinett, Staatliche Museen, Berlin
Herzliya Museum
Shabbetai Levy Day-Care Center, Haifa.
Givataim Municipal Theater

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Regular member in group exhibitions, Sculpture Center, New York

Women Welders, Sculpture Center, New York

Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati Art Museum

Annual Exhibitions, Audubon Artists, National Gallery of Design, New York

Contemporary Sculpture, Staten Island Museum, New York

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"Reflection" 1982. Polychromed poplar wood, copper, mirror, 105x32x15

Management of estate: Dena Robbins-Deckel
24 David Remez st. Tel Aviv 62192
Cel: 0507564260 , Res: 0773456620

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