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"Pregnancy" h. 60 cm. Ceramic.


"The exhibition features variations on the perennial topic of the female body.
The human body and especially the female form has fascinated artists since time immemorial. Conventions have changed and tastes may differ but the allurement of the human physique endures.
The exhibition reflects women and womanhood.
Here we refer neither to femininity in the sense of dressing up in the latest fashions, nor femininity of a romantic, delicate character, but rather we invoke the firm, fertile femininity reminiscent of mother earth, similar to the creative material for sculpture.
They are solid with curved limbs like clay jars for storing staple commodities and their production eventually developed into the art of pottery."

Gabriel Maanit
(Curator of Israel Museum of Oriental Art)

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"Plump Woman" h. 45 cm. Ceramic.


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"Couple" Bronze. h.16 cm.



"Gymnastics" Bronze. h.44 cm.



"Woman in Rest" Bronze. h.40 cm.



"Thinker" Bronze. h.38 cm.



"Figure 1" Bronze. h.18 cm.



"Gymnastics" Bronze. h.16 cm.



"Figure 2" Bronze. h. 15 cm.



"Figure 3" Bronze. h 15 cm.



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"Sitting Woman" h.25 cm. Ceramic.



"Sitting Woman" (back)



"Figure 10" h.25 cm. Ceramic.



"Sitting Woman 2" h.25 cm. Ceramic.



"Motherhood" h.82 cm. Ceramic




"Rest" h.40 cm. Ceramic.



"Couple No.3" h.56 cm. Ceramic



"Couple No.3" Back View




"Mother Earth" h.118 cm. Ceramic.





Mosaic from paper

"Three Charities [Gracias]" 120x100 cm.

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"Woman & Parrot" 80x70 cm.



"Woman & Parrot 2" 80x70 cm



"Couple" 70x60 cm.



"Woman & Ox" 70x50 cm.





Born in the USSR, living and creating in Eid Hod Artist Village, Israel.

1961-67 Graduate from the Polygraphic Institute in Moscow
1979-81 Haifa College for Applied Arts (Ceramics)
Teacher of Ceramic and Arts in Haifa High Schools

Israel Painters and Sculptors Association
Ceramics Association
Member of the Artist Village of Ein-Hod

Exhibition in Israel:
1987-97 Annual Group Exhibition, Haifa, Ein Hod
1987 Haifa Oditorium
1994 Group exhibition, Beer-Sheva
1995 Group exhibition "Hamigdal" Gallery, Tel-Aviv
1998 - 2004 Ein Hod Artists' Gallery, Ein Hod, Israel

Personal exhibitions abroad:
1989 Gallery Garig Basmadjian, Paris, France
1992 Gallery Daniel Pons, Paris, France
1995 Juedische Gallery, Berlin, Germany
1997 Wilfrid Israeli Museum of Oriental Art

Group exhibitions abroad:
1994 Taipei International Exhibition of Ceramics
1998 Artexpo New York. USA

1998 Euroart, Barcelona, Spain
1999 Euroart, Geneva, Switzerland
2000 Artexpo, Miami, USA
2000 Artexpo, N.Y, USA
2000 Design Center, Manhattan, N.Y, USA
2000 Boz Art Gallery, Soho N.Y, USA

For more information, artwork or purchasing please contact:

Valentina Brusilovskaya:
P.o.b 97, Ein Hod Artists' village, Israel. 30890
Tel: 972 - 50-954-1540
Tel fax: 972- 4- 9840236