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The Authentic Tour of Ein Hod with the artist Dan Ben-Arye

Young Judaea
Two Days Visit To Ein Hod Artists' Village, Israel
The Village Tour with Dan Ben-Arye
18 and 19 January 2010

Initiated by Anna Abramzon Young Judaea Art Program
Organized by Lea Ben-Arye Ein Hod. 04-9841126
Accommodation organized by Naomi Verchovsky Ein Hod
Photos and vedio - Dan Ben-Arye, Zeev Verchovsky, Vivienne Silver-Brody


Participants impressions

Our experience in Ein Hod is one that revolves around the warmth and hospitality of its artistic community. Here people are open about what they like to do, their life's work. Whether the medium is conveyed on canvas or through fermentation does little to dampen everyone's enthusiasm to share their art with anyone from a bus load of teens to shoppers from across the net and therefore the world. Even the mountain air, the view, the settlement's history, and proximity to the beach seem to be seen as worth sharing here as shown by the gracious hospitality we received. Here everyone has a story, and perhaps for the simple reason that in Ein Hod emotion and personality are so commonly expressed through mediums beyond simple speech, we feel drawn close to this place and its people.
Bernard Solomon Manela II

Although the big city of Haifa is only a 15 minute drive away, the art community of Ein Hod feels worlds away in its seclusion, serenity and overall aura. When our group first arrived, we were shown around various galleries and introduced to the artists that displayed them. It was clear to us already that Ein Hod was a unique place where all kinds of art was not only welcomed, but celebrated. What appealed to me especially was the way every artist's house acts as a studio for them to work and a gallery to display it in. Upon leaving Ein Hod, I thought to myself how great it would be to stay for a long while or possibly even live in this incredible artistic oasis.
Ben Silesky

My first impression of Ein Hod was rain. To most people, this would imply dreary discomfort. It seemed, however, that the village not only was undisturbed by the rain, but in fact embraced it. The energy of Ein Hod lends itself to any sort of weather, being alternately cheerful, melancholy, intense, or any number of other emotions. The art you see everywhere you turn is inspiring, the people welcoming, and the atmosphere intoxicating. Between pottery, silk screening, sculptures, paintings and (of course) good food, I have felt Ein Hod capture my senses and my heart.
Tamar Caplan

Our journey to Ein Hod began with a long and rainy bus ride, little did we know that it would lead us to a wonderful and eventful two days.  As we got off the bus we met our tour guide Dan and he led us to meet various artists in their studios. They were all very nice and full of artistic talent. We then continued on to lunch and afterwards had our first workshops. The two options for the workshops were T-shirt silk screening and pottery, both of which were successful and a lot of fun. We then met our host families and were off to get settled at there homes. Our  dinner was presented to us by the lovely Bat-el who cooked us a traditional Ethiopian dinner and then she shared her amazing story of making Aliyah from Ethiopia to Israel, and the struggles that came along with it. After dinner we were free to do as we wished and most of us went to the Art Bar. The Art Bar is owned by an extremely enthusiastic American named Danny who makes his own beer, and it sure was an experience.  The next morning we had breakfast and Dan and Leah’s house and then were off to more workshops. The workshop options were photography and painting. Then lunch followed, and afterward we went to the Music museum and saw music boxes that were created one hundred years ago. And for our last stop we went to a metal studio and watched metal creations being made, along with getting to hear the music from metal instruments. All in all I would say it was a great trip.
Melissa Karsh

We would like to express our gratitude for the hospitality of:
Yopi Dichtvald, Shir & Nobuya Yamaguchy, Rachie Wollfish, Naomi & Zeev Verchovsky
Nadav Bloch & Nechama Levendel, Ziva Kainer, Ayelet Shefer, Noa Brosh
Talya & Alex Arbell, Tessa & Cliff
For the worm welcome and over night accommodation in their residence.